Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sampling the samplers?

Samplers have been a way for young women to 'sample' there work for centuries. Girls spent hours bent over material working out different stitches and designs. Their samplers turned into everything from Bible verses, landscapes, family trees, to portraits of life events. Now with the help of printed samplers things are much easier. Trust me I should know! When I was only six my Grammie set out to teach me how to 'free style' and that free style turned into a large knot of tangled thread and needles. However, once again I'm setting off on an adventure of a life time. A 'free hand' sampler with a twist. Now bear with me (or is it bare? I can never seem to remember) as I try to keep my needles, fingers, thread, and computer from turning into one big knot.

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